June 29th, 2008Convert FLV to MPEG

Converting FLV files to another popular video format, MPEG, is just as easy as converting FLV to AVI. In fact, the steps are almost exactly the same, so I’ll only provide a shortened version of the tutorial here.

  1. Get Pazera.
  2. Launch the program and drag FLV file(s) to the converter window.
  3. Select the MPG button in the “Output file format” panel. Adjust any other conversion options, if you wish.
  4. Click “Convert” and wait while the FLV converter does its thing.

That’s it! Happy converting 🙂

There’s a number of ways you can convert FLV files to the AVI format on Linux. Most of them involve firing up the terminal and entering some cryptic commands (who would’ve guessed? :P)

  • The open source mencoder is one possibility. See this how-to for a simple usage example.
  • Another common solution is to use ffmpeg. Here’s an example :
    ffmpeg -i myvideo.flv -f avi -vcodec mpeg4 myvideo.avi
    Or, if you prefer the MPG format :
    ffmpeg -i myvideo.flv myvideo.mpg
  • Manolis Tzanidakis has written a bash script that simplifies the FLV2AVI encoding. The script uses mencoder.

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